My Magical Brayer, NOT!

I get questions all the time about my brayer.  It’s a regular old Speedball brayer with a rubber roller, nothing magical about.  The roller, when new, was tan in color, but as you see it is stained black from lots and lots of use.  How do I get it to work so well for me?  Answer, lots and lots of use, lol.


I use Stampin’ Up – Stampin’ Mist and scrub pad to clean it after use.  


So there it is the not so glamorous or magical Zindorf brayer, lol.

9 responses to “My Magical Brayer, NOT!

  1. Maybe not a magical brayer but I’m not so certain about it’s owner not being magical.

  2. Gidget-Trish

    *LOL* Too funny. The big question still remains…………why does your brayer work look so much better than everyone else’s brayer work????? Maybe Chris is right! 😉

  3. i have to agree with the other ladies! your brayer might not have any magic but the owner is another story! my brayer work never looks this good!

  4. you say no magic in yours but how do I stop mine from having lots of lines and dark areas. there is something magical about your techniqe.

  5. Zin, for some odd reason, mine does not seem to perform the same tricks, to the same stunning effect, girlfriend! *wink* But, that’s OK. I’m keeping it anyway. And, I’m *going* to try this. Because of *your* magic!

  6. Thanks to Joan Bardee I have discovered your blog. Thank you for the time you take in putting together the tutorials. Beautiful work!! I am truly inspired!

  7. Michelle,

    I love your creations. You’ve inspired me to try techniques I never thought I could do. I don’t get the same results as you, of course. But I’m determined to keep trying. I do have one question – is your brayer a soft rubber brayer or a hard rubber brayer. I’ve seen both in craft stores, just not sure which is best or if it makes a difference.



  8. Randa, It’s not hard plastic. It is rubber and it’s the cream colored one that comes with the Speedball brayer. Not one of the attachements that you can buy. Sorry, I’m not sure how else to discribe it. 🙂

  9. Michelle,
    I’m a huge fan and am always visiting your site to drool over your new creations! Schedule and travel costs have made me unable to attend one of your brayer classes.
    Would love tips on just HOW you get the brayering to look so soft, and often extended down in the center of your project. Try as I might, mine never look like that.
    PLEASE offer suggestions!
    Thanks a million!