Patriotic Horses – Tutorial #147


Well, well, well, you never ever know which way the wind will blow me in the morning when I sit down to stamp.  I’ve kicked this idea around for a little while and decided to put it on paper before I forgot it.

My Sister, Sonja is flying in from Colorado today to stay with me for a few days and I really should be cleaning up the house for her visit, but what the heck she is family after all, lol.  I would rather be stamping and blogging.  :)

Let’s get started.


Stamps: Stampin’ Up Bareback & Stardust
Paper: Stampin’ Up Whisper White, Creamy Caramel & Bravo Burgundy
Ink: Distress Inks Aged Mahogany, Walnut Stain, Frayed Burlap & Antique Linen, Adirondack Denium and Stampin’ Up Basic Black
Accessories: Tim Holtz Ruler and Distressing Tool, Sponges, Clear embossing powder, heat gun, Versmark marker, Fine tip black marker, Push Pin


Dotted the left hand corner of a 3.25″ x 6″ piece of Whisper White card stock with a Versamark marker and heat embossed the dots with clear embossing powder and a heat gun.



Smeared Antique Linen ink directly on the card stock.


Used the corner of the Aged Mahogany ink pad and added the stripes.


Smeared Denim ink directly on the left hand corner of the card stock.  Now you can see the dots.


Stamped the horses using Basic Black ink.


Sponged in the ground with Basic Black ink.


This whole panel is way to bright so I sponged on Brayed Burlap ink over the entire card stock with the except for the middle. 


Sponged Walnut stain around the outer edges of the card stock.


Distress the edges of the card stock using the Tim Holtz distressing tool. 


Dragged the distressed edges over the Walnut Stain ink pad to darken them.


Stamped the Stardust stamp along the top and bottom of a 5 1/8″ x 6 3/8″ panel of Bravo Burgundy card stock with Basic Black ink.


Sponged Basic Black ink around the edges of the card stock.


Adhered the main image panel to a panel of Creamy Caramel card stock and tied a piece of Raffia around it.


Adhered the Bravo Burgundy panel to a 5″ x 6.5″ piece of Creamy Carmel panel and pierced the top and bottom of the Bravo Burgundy Panel using a the Tim Holtz ruler and a push pin.


Finished creating my faux stitching by running a fine tip black marker from pierced hole to pierced hole.


Finished assembling card front and added brads to the corners of the main image panel.  Here is the completed card measuring 5″ x 6.5″.


I hope this inspires you to get your ideas down on paper before they are wisked away. . . . .

Until my next post. . . . .. . . . .



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73 responses to “Patriotic Horses – Tutorial #147

  1. this is genius! got to try it!

  2. Michelle, that is AMAZING! I love it I love all your cards, designs and techniques! They’re so easy to identify in a group of people as a “Michelle Zindorf” card! LOL! I’m finally brave enough to post on your blog after that embarassing moment! Have a great day!

  3. How beautiful! You are truly gifted!!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us to become “Zindorf-ers”!!!!

  4. Absolutely amazing! All of you work is outstanding but this one wowed me! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Wow, I’m so glad you put this on paper before you forgot. It is stunning! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  6. Wow! This card is very creative. I love the way you added the colours. I’m Canadian and this one even makes me feel patriotic!!!!!*L* My husband is from the U.S.A. so I’m allowed to feel that way. We visit all the time. As a matter of fact I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio part of the first week of December. Michelle, how far are you from Columbus? Would I be thrilled to me you!

  7. Trish asked “Michelle,
    how far are you from Columbus, Ohio?”

    Thrish, I’m about 1.5 hours from there. :)

  8. Amazing…you continue to wow me…thanks

  9. Michelle–

    Love this card!!! You may be known for your brayer work, but this card just proves that you can do it ALL!!!!!


  10. This is a real work of art–I think my favorite so far. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    Cheryl Sims

  11. Holly Molley! Wait a minute, I’ve got to shut my mouth I’m drooling. Michelle this is fantastic! You make it look do-able for a non-artist like me. I’m giving this one a try although I’ll be using some different stamps as I don’t have the ones you used. Probably need to rectify that too huh. Have a wonderful visit when your sister comes. I miss mine although she’s only a two hour drive away, she owns her own business and works all the time with very little time to get away. Thanks again for all you give for us creative challenged people.

  12. Oh my GOSH Michelle – this might be my new favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Fantabulous!

  14. I think I may be able to do this one! Thanks.

  15. great interpritation for the USA Flagg !!! really genius.
    Greetings from Germany

  16. Fabulous fabulous


    Vron xx

  17. I can’t believe i have a favorite… but this one is it!!! MY WORD… what talent you have been blessed with… and thank you for sharing it with all of us! AMAZING

  18. Evelyn----Ks.stamper

    Michelle, I thing this just could be my favorite so far, but you know me AI say that about every one of you fabulous designs. This is incredible. Again thank you for sharing your God given talent with us.

  19. Oh, Michelle, the ARTIST in you just comes out with a card like this. I would never think of doing something like this and it just pops out of your creative juices. Thanks for sharing. I was actually trying to think of something with a flag in the background with and eagle in front but never got it to work right for me. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Thank you.

  21. Michelle I was SO excited when I saw the title of your tutorial today! I am proud to be a horse-crazy fool and as such I own nearly all of the SU horse stamp sets and am always looking for new and creative ways to use them. What you did with this stamp set is phenomenal and it’s given me some great ideas for making additional cards for the troops.

    Thank you *so* much for sharing your ideas with us and providing some great inspiration!


  22. Amazing! And your timing is just wonderful. I have a group of Girl Scouts coming together next week and I wanted to make a few cards for them to sign and forward to the troops. I don’t have any patriotic stamps so I was trying to think of what I could do instead……and here you are. Thanks for your constant inspiration!

  23. What a super card!!! Love it!!! TFS

  24. Michelle, I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time and loved your gallery on SCS. As you started your blog I have loved visiting and ‘watching’ you create your cards. This card is stunning – love your creation and your creativity. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your company this weekend

  25. WOW ! What a great patriotic card. I love patriotic cards and this one is exceptional.
    Thank you for another beautiful card.

  26. What an impact! You make it seems so quick and easy too. This would be beautiful with an eagle silhouette too.

  27. Michelle, you never cease to amaze me!! This is sooo Awesome!!
    It hit me right in my heart, I love this. You get the coolest of idea’s.
    I can’t tell you how moving this card was for me. It’s stunning!

  28. Dang, you have done it again. This card and it’s accompanyng tutorial are outstanding.

  29. Joanne Valente

    OMG this took my breath away. The first words out of my mouth were “Oh My God – you are the master!!” Truly truly spectacular, creative and innovative. You’re such an inspiration! And the fact that you keep sharing so generously, amazes me the most. I feel like singing the Star Spangled Banner now! You go girl!

  30. This card really struck me today. It is so beautiful and moving. I wish I could tap just a little bit into your creativity. You constantly blow me away!

  31. Another great idea. Awesome skills.

  32. Oh Michelle, this is truly spectacular!

  33. Way cool Michelle! Outstanding!!!

  34. Harriet Skelly

    This one is one of a kind awesome Michelle!!

  35. Michelle,

    You absolutely blow me away. This card is stunning.

    I have got to tell you a little story about my first look at this card. They started a new segment yesterday on “The View” called “Wednesday’s What the H*ll”. They talk about amazing things or things you can barely understand. Well, I looked at this card and all I could think of was “What the H*ll Did Michelle Have To Do To Get All This Talent?” I am assuming that you were evidently standing in the right dad-gum line when the talent was passed out. I look at your cards and think, “Sure I could COPY that, but I’d never be able to originally SEE something like this in my head. And it certainly wouldn’t look like hers even if I copied it.” I would love to just roam around all the deep, dark crevices of your brain for a while and see what I could pick up. If you feel a little tingle right behind your eye, don’t worry; it’s just me.

    Thank you for the inspiration. You absolutely blow me away!


  36. The first time I saw you use the Tim Holtz ruler I thought it was great, now, with that faux stitching technique I must find for me-self:)

  37. This is the most AMAZING!! Just what we need to see in all the mess that is going on in our Country. Just amazing!!

  38. The vibrant colors are outstanding! You do beautiful work and every card is a masterpiece. Have some fun with your sister and enjoy your time together!

  39. Wow! This Card is just beautiful!! I love everything about it! Thanks so much !

  40. I’m not even American, and this card makes me feel patriotic! (said sincerely and not as a smarta$$!)

    Michelle, you’re cards are so beautiful, and I look forward to each of your tutorials. Thanks for taking the time for us all.

  41. This is a beautiful card! I love it! very patriotic.

  42. Hello Michelle~

    What a delightful composition and use of stamps and ink! This card evokes such movement and feeling. Thank you for sharing this with us!


  43. Had to comment on this beauty! Inspirational!

  44. Barbara Bruder

    Hi Michelle

    This is absolutely fabulous!!! I love it. I can’t wait to try this one out. Loved your classes at Marco’s. Have a great holiday season!!! Keep these great cards coming.

  45. this is absolutely, absolutely amazing. All your cards are, but this is just breathtaking.


  46. Teresa Puterbaugh

    I’ve been watching and today’s tutorial made me look up your questions answered column and wow 2 1/2 hours to make and then to put up the tutorial? I’m embarrassed to put down in written form just how long it takes me to put together a card, even if I’ve got inspiration or just plain doing the card (like I want to with yours today). Probably a good thing I’m a STAHM, well my husband tells me I need to have better time management with the stamping and crafting in general, I love CS3 scrapbooking and am trying to learn that art too. My husbands’ thinking my home needs some creative attention also.

    Your cards are very creative and beautiful. Thank you for all the tutorials and the information you give (love the sponge idea). You are very generous in this.

  47. I really like this a lot Michelle! I am not usually into Americana, flag stuff — I am not a communist, just in case you are wondering. I usually like more contemporary or Asian feel in pieces. But there is something about the ruggedness of the flag and the horses. Love it! I am glad you got it down on paper before it was forgotten!

  48. Michelle, this is just gorgeous!!!! I love the patriotic background and the horse theme!!! I really wish I had the time to go play in my stamp room!! I’ll be saving this tutorial for Christmas break for sure…thanks again for sharing your amazing talents!

  49. This is absolutely beautiful! Love the horses and the patriotic look. I used to have horses and love the “cowboy” life and music. Thanks for such a nostalgic card!

  50. another gorgeous creation….Thank you for the inpiration.

  51. I love all of your cards, but this one is especially striking!

  52. I really love this. So simple yet so powerful! Thank you.

  53. What a gorgeous and creative piece this is. I just love it!

  54. When I saw the first image of your card I thought, wow, NOW what has she come up with (she being an amazing artist….). Then, I read through your tutorial (which always makes me feel like I could do something like it) and got to the end and thought- WOW, I think I can do that!

    Great card! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  55. Michelle, you continue to amaze me. This card is one of the most inspiring you have ever done. The way you created the flag background just blows me away!

  56. The wild horses of the West are such a part of our past, present, and hopefully our future. This is such a tribute to all that is wild and free. Thank you for sharing and bring out wonderful memories. Your inspiration go beyond words.

    Sandy of Tennessee

  57. The wild horses of the West are such a part of our past, present, and hopefully our future. This is such a tribute to all that is wild and free. Thank you for sharing and bring out wonderful memories. Your inspiration goes beyond words.

    Sandy of Tennessee

  58. Thank you for always taking the time to share your secrets and techniques. Your art is always amazing, and this card is no exception! I have just started sponging on my cards, and the responses I’ve received have been astounding. I hope to get a brayer and try that next. Thanks for your inspiration!

  59. What a fantastic idea!!! Glad you got it out of your head and onto paper. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing.

  60. wow, I love the way this turned out! What you do by dragging ink pads on paper is amazing. I’ve tried the brayer technique and I like it more all the time. Now I need to be brave and try this ink dragging too. Thanks Michelle!

  61. Another fantastic idea and card! I would have never thought to use a horse stamp, let alone raffia! Thanks for expanding my imagination.

  62. Gosh, Michelle! This is just amazing!! I love the aged look of it with the very cool flag background! It speaks to all of the years of hardship that went into creating this great nation of ours! Nice work!! :o)

  63. That is just absolutely AWESOME!

  64. WOW!! Truly amazing…you are so very gifted:) Thanks for sharing that gift with us!!!

  65. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!! One of my favorites so far. :-)

  66. omg i love this card i own a horse ranch called patroit ranch in michigan this card is perfect for my ranch it is the best one yet thank you for your hard work i love your blog so much

  67. You are probably tired of hearing this but WOW, what an awesome card!!!!! Thanks so much for the fantastic tutorial…I never would have figured it out otherwise. Jan

  68. possibly my favourite of all your cards to date – love it

  69. This card is absolutely fabulous!!!! Love everything about it!

  70. Shelly Schmidt

    Hello again- we made this one too- well the technique part anyway. This is one of my all time favorites on your blog (well, along with about 149 others……..). I love this idea- we are trying to figure out how we can make the motorcycle stamp with a great BG like this.
    My daughter just arrived home from OSU, so I am office to visit with her. I will be looking forward to your next artistic creation.

  71. Wow – I am just seeing this now. It is amazing. What a great idea. Just beautiful.

  72. Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

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