Stampin’ Up! Founder’s Circle 2013 Highlights


Hey there,

If you didn’t know already, I have been enjoying myself immensely at the Stampin’ Up! Founder’s Circle Retreat.  This is my 3rd time earning the retreat by being one of the top 1o0 in the company and Stampin’ Up! rewards us with the most wonderful trip to St. George, Utah where we totally have an entire hotel to ourselves and get pampered and showered with gift.  What more could a girl want, it’s fabulous!

This is my last evening here so, I thought I would share some of the highlights of the trip with you before I head home tomorrow.

This trip is all expense paid and they flew us all in on Wednesday.  We arrived got settled in and then had a fabulous dinner and received our first gifts.  Note:  I’m unable to show a lot of the gifts because we were given product that has not been introduced to the public yet.  It’s going to kill me to keep it under wraps.

Our doors were marked with our names.  :)


When we picked up our name badges we were told which team we would be on and we had to search out our team mates so we could get a prize.   The teams were given candy names.  Above you see the Malt Balls.   Our team rocked!

Shelli’s Daughter Sarah gave us a warm welcome over dinner.

Pillow gifts were left for us each night and they were wrapped in such great containers and all embellished.


Shari Peters with me showing off our DSP prize.

The retreat was done in a western theme so everyday we got to toss a horse shoe to win prizes.  Get a ringer and you win 3 prizes.  Get close and you win 1 prize.  I got a ringer on the first day, woohoo!

They had a lounge where we could check out sample boards, sit, visit and eat any kind of snack we could possibly hope for and do make and take projects with brand new products.

Me enjoying the trail mix buffet.

Lots of these tubs everywhere, treats, treats and more treats.

We had plenty of time for shopping and boy does St. George have shopping!

(Diane Gibbs and Shari Peters in the swap line)

Check it out, we had a PJ party and 120 demonstrators lined the hallways and swapped cards.  I’m coming home with some rocking cards!


Friday morning we were off to have a tour of Stampin’ Up’s factory.  When our buses pulled up in front of the factory all of the staff were out in front cheering for us and giving us high fives.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Inside the factory we got to watch as card stock was cut and packaged, stamps were made and packaged and ink pads were made.  Really we got to see everything and were given product, product and more product, right off the press.  Also, got sneak peeks of some of the not yet released stamp sets.   Oh, hold on to yourselves, they are out of this world!

A little photo op with Sarah in the up stairs apartment.

After the tour we got to do some make and takes and then have a wonderful grilled lunch with the employees.

Had a photo taken at the Stampin’ Up! Rock.  Just had to do it!

Then we stopped at the park that Stampin’ Up! donates rubber to for underneath the playground equipment.  It’s awesome and very bouncy to walk on.  Some of us were looking for pieces of stamp images in the rubber that we recognized.

On the bus, we were asked our opinions of some Stampin’ Up! matters and then played Bingo and I won 3 times (more product).

Saturday was our final event.  We were loaded on buses and taken on a top secret journey.  We did not know our destination until we arrived at a ranch.  Here is my team the Malt Balls getting a hayride in to the ranch.

We competed and learned archery,

Roping, whew, look at me swing that rope, lol.

duck racing, which got really competitive, lol.

Photo opts with cowboys, corn maze, milking a cow, horse shoe toss, etc, etc.  It was so much fun!  Guess what, for each event, more prizes (product) for everyone.

At the end of the day we were given a wonderful BBQ dinner and sung to by a couple of cowboys.

The scenery was so very beautiful, but alas, it was time to go.

Well I’m completely exhausted and ready to jump in the sack for some shut eye.  I have to try to get everything in my suitcase tomorrow morning and head to the airport for a day of travel back to Ohio.


Enjoy your day!
Until my next post. . . . . .
Huge Hugs!


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10 responses to “Stampin’ Up! Founder’s Circle 2013 Highlights

  1. What a fun time for you. The retreat sounds like it was so much fun for you. I found this post very interesting, especially in that the company gives rubber to a local playground! Very cool. Thanks for sharing with us! Safe travels on your return trip.

  2. Lori Auge-O'Hara

    Oh Michelle, I am green with envy, you lucky, lucky girl. I just loved hearing all about your trip, they didn’t leave out a thing, it sounds like. Very cool company, no doubt about it. Glad to hear you had a blast, you deserve it for sure, alos love your longer hair, whoohoo!!

  3. WOW! Looks like you had a really great time! Good for you. :)

  4. Congrats on making it to Founder’s Circle once again!! I don’t know how you do it (well, besides the blog :). I have tried selling Pampered Chef and Tupperware and I am most definitely _not_ a sales person :) My hat’s off to you. Glad they treated you all so well!!

    • Michelle Zindorf

      Hi Dana, Stampin up pretty much sells its self. All you need to do is put it in the customers hand. Such a great product!

  5. Looks like a grand time to me. What a honor to be in the Founder’s Circle. By the way your hair looks fab. You look so young with that color and style. You amaze me with your beautiful cards and all that you do. Hugs, Becky

  6. Wow sounds fantastic! Considering how much you share of yourself and your talent on your blog, I am so glad you got spoiled as well!

  7. Michelle Zindorf

    Thanks everyone. Hugs to you all.

  8. How exciting! Looks like you had a ball! Almost makes me want to be a dem!! LOL Congrats!