Are You Organized?

Hello There,

I have a question for you this morning.  Are your craft supplies organized or do you work better when your things are piled up around you?

I cannot work in cluttered area.  My brain just doesn’t function and my creative juices just don’t flow well in an area like that.  I work best when my supplies are organized.  I even put everything away before I start a new project.  You won’t see me having a couple of projects going at one time either.    I’m thinking that my brain isn’t large enough to work on two or more projects at a time, lol.

Lately, I’ve been frustrated that my sponges have not been organized to my satisfaction.  I use them a great deal and some were missing, just worn out or I didn’t have one made up for a new color, etc.  It’s been a couple of years since I last color coded them and put them in order.  It disturbed me so much that I had a dream about them last night.  I know, I know, this mind of mine is a bit scary at times.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning and re-organized my sponges.

I like to have a sponge for every ink color I have.  I used the Decorative Label Punch and punched a piece of coordinating card stock for each color of ink.  Wrote the ink color on each end of the punch, folded it in half and then stapled it on the sponge.  I put them in a plastic tray so they are easy to find.

Now this is not a new idea it has been around a while, but boy does it work.   I no longer have to wash sponges or worry about transferring unwanted color onto a project.  :)

Ahhhh, now my mind is at rest. . . . ..  . .oh but wait, those embellishments are out of order. . . . . .

May your weekend be fabulous!
Until my next post. . . . . .
Huge Hugs!


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12 responses to “Are You Organized?

  1. Michelle, For the most part my Stampin’ room is organized…except my sponges. I have them labeled but they are all thrown in a basket and I have to empty the basket every time I need a sponge to find the right one. What kind of plastic tray did you use to organize yours? I’ve had my eye out for something but haven’t found anything suitable.

    • Michelle Zindorf

      I use a tray I bought at Walmart many years ago. Fishing tackle box trays work great for this type of thing too. :)

  2. I wish I could say I was an organized stamper, but I definitely am NOT. When I took your class a couple of years ago though I remembered how you did the sponges with the labels on them. Just a few days ago I actually decided to do that. Each time I pull out a new color of ink I make up one of those labeled sponges. Your idea had stayed with me and I’m so glad I have done it. :) (But my craft table is a mess!)

  3. Oh, if only some of that organization capability would rub off on me! If I have it, it’s buried really deep. I’m so accustomed to mayhem that when I go on a clean-up streak and get the place straightened up, I find I don’t want to mess it up again for a while! I do appreciate the sponge i.d. tip. TFS

  4. What a great idea…..Would you come and organize my supplies for me ? I would love to see your craft room. Hugs, Becky

    • Michelle Zindorf

      Becky, I’ll be right over to organize it for you, lol, not! I doing good to get my own done girlie. Hugs!

  5. I love your plastic tray, Michelle. What kind of tray has those nice long dividers like that? It’s perfect for the sponges! Right now I have some of those small plastic stacking drawers from Target, and three of them are dedicated to sponges – warm colors, cool colors, and neutrals. That way I don’t accidentally get green ink on my red sponges, LOL. I guess ice cube trays would also keep them separated, although that would take up more space! I’d love to see more of your organization tips!

  6. Maria A. Rodriguez

    Hello and good morning, Michelle: Well, as far as organization I can say that in my craft room, I have a place for everything but, when I’m working on cards, it can look a bit messy, specially the table where I do the actual stamping and coloring. One thing I’m going to copy from you in this amazing way to store your sponges, I just don’t have it like that, I basically just have a box where I put them but when I need one for a specific color, well it’s hard to find. Your system is fantastic, the labels stapled to the sponge is a genius idea, thank you for sharing it. No more lost or dirty sponges, “A place for everything and everything it it’s place”.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration this morning, I like to have my supplies organized too! The only thing is once I get working on a project everything gets scattered around. Maybe I have too many things! Ha Ha!

  8. A woman after my own heart — organized creativity! ♥